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Google Translate API v2(Labs)が、昨日(8月24日)より有料化されたようです。

Back in May, we announced the deprecation of the free Translate API v1. Today, we’re introducing a paid version of the Google Translate API for businesses and commercial software developers.

The paid version of Translate API removes many of the usage restrictions of previous versions and can now be used in commercial products. Translation costs $20 per million (M) characters of text translated (or approximately $0.05/page, assuming 500 words/page). You can sign up online via the APIs console for usage up to 50 M chars/month.

Paid version of Google Translate API now open for business – The official Google Code blogより引用。

Important: Google Translate API v2 is now available as a paid service. The courtesy limit for existing Translate API v2 projects created prior to August 24, 2011 will be reduced to zero on Dec 1, 2011. In addition, the number of requests your application can make per day will be limited. For website translations, we encourage you to use the Google Website Translator gadget.

Developer’s Guide (v2): Getting Started – Google Translate API v2 – Google Codeより引用。

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かなり長い間、放置状態になっていたStray Childですが、先日、Amazon S3ホスティングを試してみるで久しぶりにメンテナンスしました。


どうやら、ブラウザからSQLを使ってローカルのデータベース(SQLite)に保存するという、Web SQL Databaseの機能が、W3Cの定めるHTML5の仕様から廃止されたようです。

Web SQL Database
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